Saturday, June 25, 2011

Boston grabs Perdue team mates Moore and Johnson in 2011 NBA Draft

The 2011 NBA draft has come and gone.

Some would would say ‘was it here? Really?’.

Generally some who know much, much more than me consider this a non event and weaker draft than we have seen in recent years. Yes, Kyrie Irving went No1. Some interesting trades occurred (Stephen Jackson to Bucks, Salmoms in Sactown, Magette in Charotte and thankfully somewhere other than Milwaukee). But my attention was focused on the 25th and 55th pick and the busy hands of Boston Hauncho Danny Ainge.

At no 25 Ainge seemed to do it again, drafting Marshon Brooks - scoring machine in a league with Jimmer Fredette (who found a home in Sacramento via Milwaukee). But ‘Unkanny Danny’ pulled a sneaky and perhaps prudent move; Sending Brooks to NJ for their pick at 27th pick - Perdue big man Jajaun Johnson. What I have seen and heard of this guy; not heaps. What I do know is that Dan got the C’s a 6’ 10” big with great length and athleticism, shot blocking ability and a low post to midrange game. Primarily he will make his living in the paint. Upside for Johnson is big, apparently and he is a four year graduate, which means he is green but not as green as some. Johnson also fills a need for More bigs in green jerseys, which will help some next season (if there is one).

So what is better than one potential laiden prospect from Perdue? How about 2nd one. With the 55th pick E’twaun Moore. Again not heaps I know about this guy; a great 6’4” athlete with length at the SG. ESPN’s chad ford said Moore is a ‘consummate role player, he isn’t great t anything, but his game is solid’. Ford rated rated the C’s draft picks at an A-, only rating the Jazz and Wolves higher. Moore is also a four year man who in that time raised his PPG average from 12.9 to 18 flat. His stats bear out a similar trend of gradual improvement in most other areas of his game, bearing out Fords assessment.

Doc Rivers rates the the Perdue college hoops program as ‘great’ by the way.

But again we find ourselves here, the rookie / draft day post where the future has ment uncertainty for first year players in recent times. Rookies from last year - gone. Luke and Semih where good enough to stick around and better than some, but they got used as trade bait and are now looking to catch passes from Irving not Rondo. I really hope that Doc plays these guys. I can’t put it any simpler. Johnson will get a lot more minutes initially if Glen Davis wants to Glen Davis somewhere other than bean town. Likewise for Moore if Ray Allen well...stops being an ageless juggernaut.

If Doc Rivers gives these guys court time, it will pay dividends. That and the fact they are team mates already, to me that is a bonus and all the more reason to put these to guys on the floor together. It’s just finding that window from the bench to the court. But this in coming season, urgency and chemistry will be at a premium more than they have ever been in the big three era. Things may be different and different is good if you are looking for playing time.

Green and white for life. 

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