Friday, September 3, 2010

Delonte West returns to Boston

Back at the beginning of the now water shed 07 - 08 season for the Boston Celtics, fans were picking up their jaws from the floor and pumping their fists in the air. Boston had pulled off an amazing and what seemed initially high risk trade, bringing Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to Boston. 

After getting over the shock of this 10 plus player trade, one thing did not sit right with me - that Delonte West was traded.  I felt that the C's really lost a 6' 4'' hard nosed defender, highly versatile combo guard who actually plays well at 1 or 2 spot and is a real competitor. He was at that time one of my favorite Boston players. 

His time away from Boston bared some sad and unusual developments. Dealing with mental illness (Bipolar disorder) and gun charges in Cleveland, it is safe to say things could have been better. Although, in the Cav's games I saw last season, West was one of the better player on that team. Good enough to make me feel like Boston really lost something they sorely needed - youth, scoring and guts.

Now returning to the green and white, the Celtics get back something they have lost which they now need more than ever. West Gives the C's more depth at the wing as well as a combo guard. He gives them consistent three point shooting, a guy who can make his own shot, get to the hoop and most importantly break a scoring drought (that really cost the C's a few games last year). West is also an excellent passer and top notch defender. Add to that he has a familiarity with Doc Rivers, more than few Celtics players as well Boston's defensive system - the C's got a great player for next to nothing.

As for Delonte's personal issues, who knows? Yeah, sure he could have another bad year. But he is back in Boston, with a team and management who value his ability and potential more than they are concerned about his 'problems'. Fact is they need him back. He'll they needed last year. West has all the right ingredients to create a fresh start and have a good year for a team that sould never have let him go in the first place.

Green and white for life.   

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