Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Celtics off season Update no. 2.

Ok, a lot is happening first lets address the Celtics roster. This is kind of my version of what I think the 2010 - 2011 team should look like combined with who has actually signed , presuming both rooks are signed, those players I believe need to go or who have already signed else where, players previous locked in or are damn close to resigning with the green and white. This is how it should look;

Starting five
  • Rajon Rondo PG
  • Ray Allen SG
  • Paul Peirce SF
  • Kevin Garnett PF
  • Jermane O'Neal C

  • Nate Robinson PG (damn close)
  • Avery Bradley PG / SG
  • Semih Erden C 
  • Glen Davis PF
  • Luke Harangody PF / SF (should be damn close)
  • Tony Gaffney SF
  • Oliver Layfayette PG
  • Brain Scalabrine PF / C
  • Matt Janning SG / SF (he really should be there)
  • Michael Finley SG / SF

  • Kendrick Perkins C

That is 16 roster spots filled out. I have left out by choice Marquis Daniels and Sheldon Williams...well, to be honest they don't fit any more. Both players where hardly used in 09 - 10's magical play off run. Tony Allen has unfortunately left, signing with the Memphis Grizzlies for $9.2 million - something Boston was unwilling to offer TA. Damn shame because he is a great defender and explosive scorer. He will be missed and possibly come back to haunt us. Matt Janning went undrafted but he makes the grade because;

a) The C's need youth and athlticism. Janning has both.
b) You always need a guy with possible SG / SF Potential.
c) He dominated the Bobcats in Orlando in the Celtics only    Summer League victory.
d) He is local. The Boston fans always love a local. And he can potentially play better than Scal.

Speaking of rooks, Harangody really stood out in Orlando, playing an under talented and some times under maned SL roster (playing their last game losing to the Nets, with 7 players?!). Luke show cased a solid 3 pt shot, great rebounding and great intensity and aggression. Plus he has the weirdest shooting style I have seen in a while.

Now, here is something I would love to see. My ideal second unit / youth group / post big three starting 5. Basically the players I hope reap rewards fro the green and white. There are alot of variables; injuries, under performance, trades etc but given the right conditions we could have this;

  • Rajon Rondo PG / SG (captain)
  • Avery Bradley SG / PG
  • Luke Harangody SF
  • Glen Davis PF 
  • Semih Erden C
  • Matt Janning PG / SF (6th man)
OK, they are a tad undersized, but the uniqueness of Davis and Harangody at there positions can have an upside. And again I am trying to peddle my 'two-guard-no-true-guard' idea. But come on, two quick athletic defensive minded guards working together in a starting 5. If it worked it would be awesome.

Green and white for life.

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