Thursday, June 10, 2010

State of the Finals

Yes, Lakers vs Celtics. Again, for the twelfth time since 1959. Am I a Celtics fan. Absolutely, I didn't call this blog 'green and white some times'? No. And yes, of course the C's will win the 2010 finals. They have done it against the Laker's in the finals 9 times compared to the LA's 2. But not being one to blindly  believe in a Boston victory and taking into account they C's are down 2-1 I feel I need to explain myself.

Well, losing game 3 makes it that bit harder. But Cleveland beat The C's with a record loss in game 3 of round 2 in the east and we all know how that turned out. My heart tells me Celtics in 6, but they will have to step up like they did in Cleveland x15. The Celtics have in their collective wheelhouse to accomplish that feat, facing turning points (regarding to orlando winning two being down against the Cavs) and coming back and taking it all. The Lakers transition D was weak and lazy in game 2, I believe the Lakers are vulnerable when caught on their heels the same as the Cav's are. They are teams that rely on the set up, and even more so setting up their top scorers. Good defense in combination with a running game is just what the doctor should order for this Celtics team. This will be even more effective if Rondo is driving the lane while given options to kick out for the three to team mates or the Mid Range 2. 

I would be Running Rondo and Robinson as a 'two guard / no true guard' combo for periods in game four if the Celtics can get Rondo the space he needs and LA is caught reeling. Contain the Laker Options, disrupt their rhythm get the win.

Green and white for life.

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