Sunday, June 20, 2010

2010 Draft.

The finals now behind us (but still stinging), the Celtics have a real chance to add youth to the roster and have a contributor within 2 years with the 19th pick. The C's also have the 52nd pick, but a late first rounder is nothing new for Boston. Real Potential lies at number 19.

But who? And who does this team need?

Most talk is centering around the addition of a point or Combo guard. Valid, but it would be worth resigning Nate Robinson, give him a year in the rotation and we could see the timely and explosive contributions we saw in these most recent play offs could become more common place.  

The draft day additions need to be at the 3 (small forward), 2 (shooting guard) or even the 5 (center).  As such, several candidates that may (and I stress may) be available for Danny Ainge to pick up for the C's at number 19. After browsing consensus draft pages here is the official 'Green and White for Life' draft projections;

  • Small Forward, LUKE BABBIT, Nevada, 6 - 9: I keep coming back to this guy. First off Babbit seems like a shooter who can make his own shot and has good range. Not a blinding natural athlete or phenomenal leaper, Luke Babbit has been described as being 'crafty' relating to his ability in finding ways to score, inside / outside, getting to the hoop and getting the harm. Scrappy and competitive to boot, Luke Babbit seems to embody a familiar 'Truth' at the 3.   
  •  Center, HASSAN WHITESIDE, Marshall, 7 - 0: A big man with raw potential, Whiteside may go earlier and the Celtics may not even get a look. But if doubts about his readiness for the NBA come to the fore, he may be available at 19. This guy could be a defensive power house with a 7-7 arm span and averaging 5.4 blocks in college. Hassan Whiteside's passing and still maturing body is limiting him in some respects. He is reported to have a good mid range shot and and his size and power make him a good, if still emerging, low post threat. Hassan's developing skill set could be fostered subbing minutes for an injury prone Kendrick Perkins. Then again, does potential and raw ability get you on the Celtics rotation?
  • Small Forward, DAMION JAMES, Texas , 6 - 7: James seems to have the mental fortitude and adaptability to come off the Boston Bench, but has the emerging skill level to keep him right at the wrong end of it. Reportedly tough and versatile, he has an awareness of his role on the floor and is able to get open for shots while being able be physical down low. Still developing from long range along with other elements of his game, Boston may be a place in which to learn and thrive.     

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