Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wow. 94 - 71 Celtics.

In game 3, every Celtic player logged minutes (between 5 and 39) and only one remained scoreless (keep on tryin' Shelden) as Boston, shooting 46.6% from the feild, took the Orlando magic to 3 and 0 and the brink of elimination.

I am a Boston fan, Obviously. But I try to  remain objective. objective as a fan can be. The fan part of me is screaming wordlessly (as to not jinx the C's run) the thing which at this point seem very possible to occur, given that my team is up 3 - 0. Paul Peirce yelled it heading to the locker room with 20 seconds left in game 3; 'one more, one more'.

The basketball appreciator says calmly; OK up three, great for the team in Boston. The team from Orlando had it's best chance to get some firm footing and begin the long climb from 2 - 0 down. The didn't. Maybe it's because only three players score double figures. Or the fact they shot a collectively dismal 36.9% from the field. 

And unlike previous games, the magic didn't (or were not given the chance to) cut a lead with a run in the fourth. Instead they finish 23 behind and on the verge of losing the series and their best shot at a title in years. And they've got a day off for the rot that is self doubt to set in, or attempt to keep it at bay and find a way back. 

All this before going back to the same opposing arena, where they got beaten by more than 20 points in the last game, to try and get one of four victories in a row to win the series. 

Possible. Theoretically. 

Which sets the stage for game 4. So I will break it down with the emphasis on the obvious;

This next game SHOULD be the best game of the series. It SHOULD be a closer game, akin to game two. Overtime is not completely unlikely. Orlando beat this Celtics team in the regular season, so it SHOULD be in the Magic's sphere of attainability. If victory is unattainable the game SHOULD be fought hard regardless. This Orlando team SHOULD feel like their back is against the wall.

They are at the edge of a cliff with a lion blocking their only way out. The question is - does Orlando find it easier to jump or take a shot at Simba?  It is a case of what SHOULD happen, and what the Magic do in their next and possibly final game of 09 - 10'.

Green and white for life.


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