Sunday, May 9, 2010

Welcome to 'green and white for life', formerly The Mikan Drill and Chase down D (ughh!)

You know the great thing about having a blog nobody reads? Changing the name and address affects only myself. 

And to be honest it has been bugging me, I can't have a pro Celtics blog named after a Laker (even the great ones from Minneapolis, sorry George). Why didn't some one name a drill after Bill Russell? Oh wait, they did...It's called shot blocking. Imagine if that actually occurred? (In an cantankerous announcers voice: 'Jordan goes in for the lay up, Russelled by Mourning!')

This Blog will remain as it has been. Mostly Celtics articles, the occasional 'props to: stuff', more captioning of NBA pics that take my fancy and all of this must be done infrequently and then in bunches.

At least I feel better about the god damn name. 

Wait, what if I rename the blog again? By combining and playing on the names of Celtic players through out history? 'Russelling the Truth', 'A Bird in the Parish' (wow that sounds bad, and painful), 'Waiting to McHale' (I know, but it is funny), 'Be-cous of the game' (rhymes with lame), 'Havla-check this blog out' (I just tying letters, I am not even looking this is crazy!) or 'Cowens owns you' (well, back in the day, he would have).

And with a paragraph of stupid names, minus half an hour of sleep I should have had - I end this entry.

Green and white for life.

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