Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Play offs: Boston punishes the Cavs 104 - 86, game 2 round 2.

Alot has changed since I wrote about the green and white rounding out the regular season. The Celtics finished with a semi respectable record at 50 - 32. A definite decline from the previous two seasons. 

But tell that to the Celtics team that turned up for the play offs. 

Round 1 - a forth seeded Celtics played a fifth placed Miami. Not much surprise here, the Celtics dismantled a Heat team that was unable to show up and support their star Dwayne Wade. His heroics where commendable but a man can't win the series. An entire team does.

Round 2 - The air-apparent Cavaliers are once again having to go through the Celtics to get to a title. This year is as good as any for the Cavs to claim the title. The west is up for grabs and Lebron has the best supporting cast he has had to date. Game 1 went to a Cleveland team that had too many answers for a Celtics team that could only hit the rim in the fourth. They simply outplayed the green and white. Plain and simple.

Game 2 - Proved the theory that when Boston cough up a game they come back. Mad. The Celtics shot 51.3% from the field as apposed to a frustrated Cleveland shooting at 40%. A lot of players stepped up for the Celtics. Rondo had an astounding 19 assists while Rasheed Wallace had 17 -  finally playing in the post like he could always do but has failed to demonstrate this season. The Lead in this game was as much as 25 but a Cav's run cut that to 10 before the C's went on an 11 - 3 run to close out the game and rout the the favoured contender.

Game 3 and home court for the series goes back to Boston. Judging from the dropped shoulders and shoves by a frustrated Cleveland team, the next game will prove to be something to watch.

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