Monday, May 17, 2010

Going for the green and white.

 As an Australian fan of the Boston Celtics there are plenty of times when you are alone in your passion for the team. I began following the club in one of their worst years, 04 - 05' held no joy for those who follow the green and white. The fact you follow an American team confounds some people in Australia. 

Most people acknowledge and accept my passion for this storied NBA franchise but to follow the Celtics, with hardly another fan ever in sight can put you in a position of being a singular voice. I now know how it feels to be a part of the crowd for my team, to be one of many in a sea of green after making the pilgrimage to the last Celtics regular season home game this year.

In early April 2010, my wife and I made a trip to America for 11 days. In that time we went to Las Vegas, New York and Boston. For the purposes of this entry I will focus solely on the Boston constituent of the of the trip. 

When the first thing that greets when you get off the Amtrak massive green Celtics sign at least 5 stories high, you know this is THE place where green and white lives. Staying a few hundred meters from the TD Banknorth Garden, with Celtics 
posters and banners adorning flag poles and walls and not being the only person wearing Celtic green - in a small way I felt like I had come home. Well, the part of me that loves the Boston Celtics felt like that. The rest of me was tired but enjoying the trip.

It really didn't hit me until I walked in the venue, where I was and how far I had come to be there. After a mandatory visit to the supporters shop and counting several other apparel stalls I wanted to go back to after the game - my wife and I made our way to the into the arena to watch the pre game goings on.

It is at this point I felt something I will never forget. Regardless what would occur I had walked into the TD Banknorth Garden to find myself literally hit with what can only be described as a rush of air and a culmination of awe and appreciation. Everything that I am so familiar was there; the parquet floor, the 17 banners and retired numbers - all tangible. I felt honored and proud. It was simply unforgetable. 

My wife took a photo of me on her old film camera with out my knowledge. It sums up every thing I have written, just more susiscintly. The awe is plainly visible on my face and the emotions I felt are conveyed in the 'mistiness' of my eyes.

The Celtics lost the game with out any of the big three playing a minute, but at least I got to see Rajon Rondo post up power forwards and take them to school. As the Celtics fan often do, the folks started leaving when the result became evident. I stayed to soak up every second because it didn't feel right to do anything less.

Green and white for life.       

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