Friday, February 26, 2010

Celtics: better since the all star break?

So far the Boston Celtics are 4 - 2 since the break, beating the New York Knicks 110 - 106 but then losing to the Cavaliers 108 - 88. This is significant because Cleveland has not won at the TD Garden in 3 years. 

To look at the conditions of the match makes this loss sting all the more for C's fans. We had a 15 point lead and had a blistering first half. All of this without the services of Paul Peirce. Boston was shooting 60% from the field in that half and Rondo was entering the lane at will. Lebron James was contained well by Marquis Daniels who was slowing down 'the king' with great D. From our form in the first half, Boston looked strong. 

The Cavs crept back into the game with good D and slowing Boston's frenetic pace. The Cleveland supporting cast came into play and before you know it it was a blow out. To their credit, they did it with out Shaq, who suffered a thumb injury in the first half.

As a fan, this game is very worrying. Boston has a habbit of folding against future playoff adversaries like the Hawks, Magic and Cleveland losing to all of them at home. For a team trying to contend for the title, a  16 - 10 record is not something to be proud of. At this time Bostons worst enemies are it's own ability to respond to teams dictating the pace of the game and not being able to claw back leads from quality teams. Something which they are perfectly capable of.

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