Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome to The Mikan Drill.

Frankly, the name 'chase down D' was sounding a little...well crap. My basketball related blog will now be known as the 'The Mikan Drill'.

What? I hear you say. Let me explain...

The Mikan drill is a way to practice shooting hook shots (see pic of the mighty Mikan) close to the Basket with either hand. You basically stand under the hoop, and alternate this simple but highly effective 'hook' shot repeatitiously. As some one who plays the game at a very elementary level, shooting under the basket with the choice of either hand to score with is great asset.

The 'Mikan Drill' itself is named after the great George Mikan, I will quote Wikipedia simply because it explains factual information far more effectively;

'Mikan is seen as one of the pioneers of professional basketball...redefining it as a game of so called big men with his prolific rebounding, shot blocking and his talent to shoot of smaller defenders with his ambidextrous hook shot, result of his own Mikan drill...Mikan was so dominant that he caused several rule changes in the NBA, among them widening the foul lane known as the "Mikan Rule" and introducing the shot clock.'

He won championships with early american leagues the NBL, BAA and the early incarnation of the NBA. His pro career spanned 10 years (1946 - 1956), playing for the Chicago American Gears and the Minneapolis Lakers.
George Mikan died in 2005. 


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