Friday, January 15, 2010

The Convertable ///.

I love an Adidas shoe with an old school flavor. So I it is a no brainer that I like the Adidas Equation. I love the black on blackness, the adiprene heel means cushioning is decent but this shoe is magically...a hi or lo!! The following quote taken from slamonline 'kicks of the day' details the shoe's magic powers that defy earthly shoe laws;

'wearer to convert the shoe from a high-top to low-cut in seconds. The shoe is currently featured as SLAM’s “Kick of the Day” and features a synthetic leather and suede upper with adiPRENE+ cushioning in the heel.'

As cool as the shoe sounds, I have my doubts about how the 'hi to lo' thing. Perhaps the 'Equation' offers great support or maybe it confirms my opinion of the high top as a bracing support for an image more than an ankle. Given the choice and If I owned this shoe, I would keep this as a lo - but a cool gimmick is a cool gimmick.

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