Saturday, January 23, 2010

Allen Iverson inhabited by ancient cobra.

Ticket holders got a little something extra when Philly's prodigal son was possessed by an ancient Cobra in the 76ers 92 -81win over Dallas at home.

Iverson spent 5:24 minutes of the 2nd quarter lying prostrate on the ground hissing and speaking occasionally in what NBA officials are referring to as a 'dead tongue'. While in this altered state, Allen attempted to ingest the game ball but failed - due to his lack of a true serpentine jaw.

It is believed this supernatural channeling helped Philadelphia win the game against a terrified Dallas team still recovering from being the play things of Celtics star Ray Allen's mental prowess.

Officially Iverson seems to be unaffected by the incident. Yet comments in a post game interview may indicate the 76ers point guard has encountered similar visitations in the past.

'I just play my game. I have too much basket ball left in me to let a snake take that away'.

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