Saturday, January 9, 2010

Agent Zero common sense

I like writing things about the game that make it so great,
the way it exaults and enthralls. Instead of the way it makes you shake your head at an individuals lack of common sense.

Gilbert Arenas a.k.a. 'agent zero' (he wears no. 0) is a point guard for the NBA franchise, the Washington Wizards. He has been suspended indefinitely for what has been referred to as practical joke involving hand guns on a fellow team mate in the teams locker room. This photo was taken during the Wizards home game against the Philadelphia 76ers, directly after which the incident occurred. Arenas (center) is making pistols with his hands, it is believed that Arenas was making reference to the incident that transpired before the game. Player Antwon Jamison (far left) said that not all players knew what had happened before the game and not all players where 'in on the joke'. Ironically this team was known as the Washington Bullets, but team owner (the recently late Abe Polin) change the name due to it's conatations to guns and related violence.

There has been a lot of conjecture as to what happened. It is known that Arenas had guns in his locker, and it was 'bad judgment' on behalf to use fire arms to play a joke on someone. 

Wow, really?

Arenas is a player with outstanding ability and has come back from several injuries and resulting surgeries. As well as the potential the team has (which is yet to be realised), Gilbert Arenas has effectively sabotaged himself and the team around him. Maybe it is just my prudish caution related to firearms, but; 

a) why bring a gun to your team locker room?

b) would a joke involving a functional and potentially deadly weapons really be that funny?
c) why bring guns to your team locker room?

Players in many sports do things that boggle our own notions of commonsense and decency. It is not a new thing. The moral spectrum of their actions, usually begs the questions like why? What where they thinking? How can things like this happen? Who in the organisation lets that happen? 

The players on the Wizards team are coping a lot for something that some of them may have had nothing to do with. If I was 'Agent Zero's' team mate right now - I would not be happy. Although I would probably not been surprised that yet another drama was unfolding within a team dogged by rumours of alleged ego wars, player confrontations and losing record for a team that looked like it could have had a great year on the court.

Just a sad and stupid situation really.       

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