Saturday, January 23, 2010

Allen Iverson inhabited by ancient cobra.

Ticket holders got a little something extra when Philly's prodigal son was possessed by an ancient Cobra in the 76ers 92 -81win over Dallas at home.

Iverson spent 5:24 minutes of the 2nd quarter lying prostrate on the ground hissing and speaking occasionally in what NBA officials are referring to as a 'dead tongue'. While in this altered state, Allen attempted to ingest the game ball but failed - due to his lack of a true serpentine jaw.

It is believed this supernatural channeling helped Philadelphia win the game against a terrified Dallas team still recovering from being the play things of Celtics star Ray Allen's mental prowess.

Officially Iverson seems to be unaffected by the incident. Yet comments in a post game interview may indicate the 76ers point guard has encountered similar visitations in the past.

'I just play my game. I have too much basket ball left in me to let a snake take that away'.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ray Allen fined 25K for being a 'magical puppet master'.

Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics was fined $25,000 for 'freezing' players on opposing teams in mid air with his fabled magic powers on January 18th 2010, in a losing effort at home against Dallas.

Through out the game, Allen used his fantastical mental agility to freeze players and use them for his own amusement while team mates and opponents alike watched on in horror and fear - as not to incur the wrath of the former UCONN stand out.

Coach Doc Rivers commented only fleetingly in the post game press conference 'you know, that's just how ray is. He does that whole magical brain thing, and we gotta find a way to deal with that'.

Dallas players could not be contacted for interview out of sheer terror of Ray Allen. The NBA will take no further action other than the fine, issuing a statement that 'Magical puppet masters should show greater restraint and responsibility or suffer further financial penalties'.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Missing: The Wolves.

This season in the NBA has seen a several teams rise from the bottom of the pile. The Oklahoma City Thunder, Memphis Grizzlies and even the NBA's red headed step child (no not Brain Scalabrine) the LA Clippers have become teams not to take lightly with records around and above .500.

Except for the Minnesota Timber Wolves.

They flirted with immense popularity by nearly nabbing Spanish Wunderkid Ricky Rubio. That did not occur. They drafted Johnny Flynn, an excellent choice at the one or even two spot and along with Al  Jefferson, Kevin Love, Ryan Gomes, Ramon Sessions and former LA Lakers assistant coach Kurt Rambis - the team could make a little noise?'s been abit quiet. 

Like 15 losses in a row quiet. Like only having a maximum 2 game win streak once thus far. Quiet like their muted 9 win / 33 loss record to date. 

And here is the worst bit. The New Jersey Nets with their 3 win / 37 loss record are getting more publicity for being really, really bad - are getting more media / fan focus than a team like the Wolves who have six more wins to their name.

Although, there has been perhaps a or two blip on the radar, that gave me reason to think this team is underachieving. On November 4th 2009, the Wolves playing at home, just lost to the Boston Celtics in a great and well fought game. Coach Kurt Rambis said this about his teams valiant effort after that game;

"They battled once again," Rambis said. "I like the way our guys are fighting. I like the way they're competing. They just don't quit. They keep believing they can win. I admire that about them." 

That's the thing. This is a team that has a heart. I don't believe coach Rambis is talking out of his ass when he says that. Further, but inconsistent proof, is Minnesota's home and away wins against Utah and beating a formidable Denver team in their house for the first time in 10 games (against Denver) on November 29th (106 - 100). 

The thing that made me think about the Wolves, was their win today (110 - 108 vs Philadelphia). I watched the footage on ESPN taken from a grainy local network televising the games and it just hit me; Where have their highlights been? Where is the articles about a team trying to win? Where are they? At all?

From all the teams in the NBA it just feels to me that the Minnesota Timber Wolves are slipping away. I don't mean 'going into receivership' away. They are becoming a team we don't think of when choosing fantasy players or really consider as being exciting to watch on TV. There maybe fire in the hearts of the players in Minnesota, but who can see it when when the fans choose Cleveland vs Milwaukee to be the US nationally televised game? 

The teams that make noise, that generate interest and have the highlights get the attention. The Wolves have some key components to make gunpowder and a decent bang. They have just got to find a way to set it off. 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A /// oddity

It is like the mysterious black obelisk in Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey' was actually a shoe box - and these where inside. The Adidas Supernatural Creator is something...if not a little out of time (if only in looks). I appreciate the clean lines of this boot, the arching three stripes that cover the laces, the general 'slickness' and varying textures - yet it leaves me feeling like I need a Doc Browns' DeLorean to use them. I don't know, perhaps I am biased more toward the old school. But despite the fact these shoes do make an impression - they just leave me feeling a little cold. Like the deep cold of space. 

Baron Davis's shorts attack Kobe Bryant in freak occurence.

Baron Davis of the LA Clippers has 
had his 'red (away) team shorts' taken into custody after their 126 - 86 loss to their cross town rivals, the LA Lakers. 

In a freak and unprecedented act, Davis's shorts gained sentient intelligence and attacked Bryant, causing the crotch of a helpless Baron Davis to attack the Lakers star. According to a statement taken in an interview (released by the NBA) the shorts were 'tired of the Lakers talking smack' and repeated the phrase 'this is the clip-town joint.' 

Baron Davis was unavailable for interview. Bryant it is sedated and recovering in an disclosed mental institution.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Convertable ///.

I love an Adidas shoe with an old school flavor. So I it is a no brainer that I like the Adidas Equation. I love the black on blackness, the adiprene heel means cushioning is decent but this shoe is magically...a hi or lo!! The following quote taken from slamonline 'kicks of the day' details the shoe's magic powers that defy earthly shoe laws;

'wearer to convert the shoe from a high-top to low-cut in seconds. The shoe is currently featured as SLAM’s “Kick of the Day” and features a synthetic leather and suede upper with adiPRENE+ cushioning in the heel.'

As cool as the shoe sounds, I have my doubts about how the 'hi to lo' thing. Perhaps the 'Equation' offers great support or maybe it confirms my opinion of the high top as a bracing support for an image more than an ankle. Given the choice and If I owned this shoe, I would keep this as a lo - but a cool gimmick is a cool gimmick.

Super Scal!

Brian Scalabine, the seldom used back up big man behind 'the big ticket' (Kevin Garnett) has been blazing a path out of obscurity with some great defense, good offense and his all round 'gingerness'. Of course this only happens when injuries abound and of late, Rajon Rondo, Paul Peirce, Maque Daniels, Rasheed Wallace, Glenn Davis and of course KG have all been side lined. You gotta love Brian, he is the butt of...well, more than the occasional joke - but he gets out there and does a decent job. He knows coach Rivers system and surprises opponents with a good quality defense. 
You know you are a Celtics fan when you care about the Scal.     

As the Nets go down, Tony Allen goes straigt up.

In an easy victory against a New Jersey team having one of the worst seasons in recent memory, Boston got some highlights. Returning from injury this year, Tony Allen adds yet another spectacular dunk to 2010 highlight reel (awesome ally-oop pass from Paul Peirce by the way). Would have been great if the green and white could have followed up with another win, but the Bulls took Boston down at home - giving the Celtics their sixth home loss of the season. Since late December the Celtics have a spate of injuries but remarkably only lost have only lost 10 games. I stick by the green and white no matter what, and I believe it is better to lose games now and have a healthy team in the post season; when they are playing or the title.  

Monday, January 11, 2010

Rookie with 1990's hair style make lakers players uncomfortable with his stone cold fashion sense.

Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks sports an awesome throwback 'doo, in his teams loss today to the dreaded Lakers. Unfortunately if NBA flat tops are coming back, small shorts with exposed bike pants may not be far behind? Hopefully this is all leading to some kind of 90's themed master plan to reintroduce the Reebok pump on a grand scale.

Nice Alternate uniform for the Bucks by the way - you can't beat nice white stripe trim with a simple classic design.

Welcome to The Mikan Drill.

Frankly, the name 'chase down D' was sounding a little...well crap. My basketball related blog will now be known as the 'The Mikan Drill'.

What? I hear you say. Let me explain...

The Mikan drill is a way to practice shooting hook shots (see pic of the mighty Mikan) close to the Basket with either hand. You basically stand under the hoop, and alternate this simple but highly effective 'hook' shot repeatitiously. As some one who plays the game at a very elementary level, shooting under the basket with the choice of either hand to score with is great asset.

The 'Mikan Drill' itself is named after the great George Mikan, I will quote Wikipedia simply because it explains factual information far more effectively;

'Mikan is seen as one of the pioneers of professional basketball...redefining it as a game of so called big men with his prolific rebounding, shot blocking and his talent to shoot of smaller defenders with his ambidextrous hook shot, result of his own Mikan drill...Mikan was so dominant that he caused several rule changes in the NBA, among them widening the foul lane known as the "Mikan Rule" and introducing the shot clock.'

He won championships with early american leagues the NBL, BAA and the early incarnation of the NBA. His pro career spanned 10 years (1946 - 1956), playing for the Chicago American Gears and the Minneapolis Lakers.
George Mikan died in 2005. 


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Agent Zero common sense

I like writing things about the game that make it so great,
the way it exaults and enthralls. Instead of the way it makes you shake your head at an individuals lack of common sense.

Gilbert Arenas a.k.a. 'agent zero' (he wears no. 0) is a point guard for the NBA franchise, the Washington Wizards. He has been suspended indefinitely for what has been referred to as practical joke involving hand guns on a fellow team mate in the teams locker room. This photo was taken during the Wizards home game against the Philadelphia 76ers, directly after which the incident occurred. Arenas (center) is making pistols with his hands, it is believed that Arenas was making reference to the incident that transpired before the game. Player Antwon Jamison (far left) said that not all players knew what had happened before the game and not all players where 'in on the joke'. Ironically this team was known as the Washington Bullets, but team owner (the recently late Abe Polin) change the name due to it's conatations to guns and related violence.

There has been a lot of conjecture as to what happened. It is known that Arenas had guns in his locker, and it was 'bad judgment' on behalf to use fire arms to play a joke on someone. 

Wow, really?

Arenas is a player with outstanding ability and has come back from several injuries and resulting surgeries. As well as the potential the team has (which is yet to be realised), Gilbert Arenas has effectively sabotaged himself and the team around him. Maybe it is just my prudish caution related to firearms, but; 

a) why bring a gun to your team locker room?

b) would a joke involving a functional and potentially deadly weapons really be that funny?
c) why bring guns to your team locker room?

Players in many sports do things that boggle our own notions of commonsense and decency. It is not a new thing. The moral spectrum of their actions, usually begs the questions like why? What where they thinking? How can things like this happen? Who in the organisation lets that happen? 

The players on the Wizards team are coping a lot for something that some of them may have had nothing to do with. If I was 'Agent Zero's' team mate right now - I would not be happy. Although I would probably not been surprised that yet another drama was unfolding within a team dogged by rumours of alleged ego wars, player confrontations and losing record for a team that looked like it could have had a great year on the court.

Just a sad and stupid situation really.       

Friday, January 8, 2010

More ///.

Continuing my advocation of ///, let talk about the Court Raider Mid. Except if the 'mid' is referring to the ankle / top of the shoe, they seem kind of high to me? If you want a shoe that holds your ankle like a bear trap, then get a time machine and go back to the early 1990's purchase the Nike Force with the innovative ankle pump. David Robinson used to wear them back in his rookie days. I believe some hi tops offer more support to your image than your actual ankle. As my personal hero and hoops master Bill Russel said (to paraphrase the great man) in relation to high top sneakers during the golden age (50's - 70's) of basket ball; he didn't need them. 6 foot 9 inch Bill Russel played in lo's. 
But when you look at these (pictured) old style but new know what, I do think my ankles are sore... 

Lesser known dunk on Kobe

For my first post, one of my favorite lesser known moments from the 2007 - 2008 NBA finals; PJ Brown (now retired) dunking on Kobe Bryant (one of the most talented active players, but my least favorite for various reasons). This picture makes me happy in several ways. Firstly, I am a devoted Celtics fan and the green and white won the title against the LA in convincing style that year. Second, because a hardworking role player like PJ took it to a future hall of fame player and made a poster out of him. Thirdly, I dislike Kobe Bryant and anytime he gets dunked on I experience what is known as 'shameful glee'. Hats of to you PJ.